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Welcome to my sewing website

My name is Cathy and I live in the most beautiful place in the world - Australia.

I have been sewing ever since I can remember, my mum had a sewing machine that never worked and I can remember trying to make it work but that never happened. I gave up trying to use the machine and began sewing by hand. I would find some old rags and I use to get a pencil and just draw a shape out then I would cut around my drawing then sew by hand and hope everything would stay together so I could wear whatever I made.

My first job was in the rag trade, I didn’t like school so my mum said if you can find a job you can leave school (that’s just what I needed to hear). I was too young to use the sewing machines so I use to be a sorter or I would help the cutter lay the material out.

As I said I just love to sew. I make toys for the 'Mirabel Foundation' and I love making them - I think every child should have a toy of their own. Have a look at their website if you would like to find out more about the foundation.

Crafty Mamas is another site I go to a lot. I buy a lot of my material from here and the girls in the forum are very helpful.

Please have a look around my gallery to see some of my sewing projects.